Marketing On-Demand

To stay competitive and relevant, growing startups need access to resources on-demand. Huddle, a UK-based content collaboration company that helps enterprises worldwide collaborate intelligently in the cloud, knows this perhaps better than anyone. The company was founded in 2006 to help people work better together — and chose Tangence as its collaboration partner because it knew it would benefit from our predictable monthly spend and on-demand marketing services. While Huddle had a small marketing department, the company had big goals for its creative work. The Tangence team got up to speed quickly and jumped in alongside Huddle’s internal marketing experts.

Within just a few weeks, Tangence’s global team was off and running, quickly producing a new look and feel for Huddle’s customer portal, in addition to designing, creating and updating 100s of collateral pieces and web pages. And to maximize these efforts, companies like Huddle can leverage our search engine optimization and social media services.


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